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PTE Preparation





This PTE course will provide you confidence and will make you a master of speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. By following the tips and strategies from this course you will be able to give the computer what it wants. You will also learn how are you going to be scored in each module of PTE.

Additional skills learned:

We have worked with students who struggled with PTE and we understand the frustration it can bring to your life, livelihood, family and visa matters. This is a one stop shop for your PTE worries and if you are aiming for 79+ then this course is definitely for you.
We have done the hard yards for you and we know the value it can bring in your life but we can not do the test for you. We have done our part, now its time for you to TAKE ACTION and change your life.


This course provides the knowledge you need to hit full score in speaking module of PTE academic, when paired with your dedication to do so. Starting with “How you are scored”, “Background knowledge” and “what to expect”, we then proceed with main lectures covering all different formats of questions you might get at the test.

The PTE course is designed in 3 tasks.

Each task is further divided in to 4 to 5 parts:

Great PTE score will give you the ability to apply for immigration for many countries including Australia. You will also be able to apply for many well known universities around the world. All question types, response templates, formulated answers, pitfalls etc, will be discussed, as well as examples, to give you a better understanding of how it all works.
There is an additional section at the end of each question type called “What if things go wrong?”, useful for when you fail to apply what you have learned, and things do not go as expected at the time of the test. You will also find all needed resources and templates coming with this course to study and practice.

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